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Sitting in the most tranquil room I have ever been in – pale blue walls, the sweet sounds of angelic singing, I had my first experience of learning to meditate.

Alesha ThorpeAt the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Auckland I was so inspired and completely intrigued by every word that I heard about meditation and spirituality. These few weeks turned out to be a gateway opening up to the most fulfilling, self-transcending, and enlightening journey I was about to embark upon.

Just two weeks after beginning these classes, I wrote a letter to a wise old friend of mine and somewhat a mentor in a period of my life when I needed a little guidance. He had once said to me, "I can see you have some intuition and sincerity Alesha - what you need to find is faith."

I wasn't completely sure what he meant by this at the time. The letter I wrote to him is as follows...

"I really wanted to let you know that I now understand what you meant many months ago when you said to me I need to find faith. I have only just begun to touch on it but I can't remember ever being this happy. A happiness from within!

I have been going to meditation classes for the last two weeks and I could honestly listen to what they have to say for hours! Everything I hear about the soul's journey and that we are in fact souls having a human experience in this life. I'm discovering that there is so much more depth to life and inside ourselves that is waiting to be uncovered. It's so exciting, I feel like I want to live forever to discover as much as I can! I'm starting to realise that we have so much light and wisdom and soul beauty inside us. I can see that this is what my life has been leading me to discover over the last few years!

The people I have met that meditate regularly are so much fun and really inspiring. We meditate every morning at six together and then often go on an adventure up to Muriwhai for a bush run and a swim. I just absolutely love it! I know this is just the beginning of so much more to discover. It is totally amazing how much joy and delight the heart can bring in such a short time! I feel sooooo lucky!"

In reply to my letter, my friend said that it made his day, actually his week, to read my letter!

"I sometimes liken the new found ease and joy for living that you are discovering as the difference between swimming against the current of a river or allowing yourself to 'go with the flow'. While you are desperately trying to analyse, understand, force yourself into a life that isn't true, it's as if you are clinging onto the rocks, struggling to inch forward against the current. When you truly let go and trust the direction and support of your faith you become one with the natural flow of things - gliding smoothly over rapids and being carried safely around obstacles."

The beauty and fragrance
Of faith
Can lead us to any destination
We want.

Sri Chinmoy